Mooney’s Cascade


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Mooney’s Cascade

In the beginning there was dirt.

Then the dirt was moved.

...and moved...

….and moved...

…and moved...

Soon there was a hole.

The hole was given a liner.

The liner was leveled (mostly).

Water, rocks and more dirt were added.

Life was added to the dirt. (day lilies)

More plans are made.

More dirt and rocks were added...

Still more dirt is added...

The lay of the land is measured...

Planing again…

A pump is installed.

A pipe line is buried

Still burying...

Life is found in the dirt.

The pipeline is buried.

The creek bed is formed

The creek bed is lined and the flow is tested...

Success!! Water really does run down hill!

Boats are the next test...even if they look like planes.

Next we try to impede the flow..

Rocks are added to test the effect.

The creek bed is refined.

Still more dirt is added...

The liner is tested with two upper pools.

Gravity still works and water reaches the lower falls!!

We judged it to be good!

Playing with rocks again.

…and again...

…and again...

The liner is cut to shape!

More dirt..more rocks..

More flowers are added

The upper falls are added.

Gravel is added to the creek.

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Success!!! Hermit Thrush

Robins and Cedar Waxwings

Towhee and Titmouse